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There have been so many requests for this bead and color design in a hoop. It is approximately a 1″ circle and once beaded, the wire is sealed securely and it is done! The bead colors can be worn all year but especially now with the holidays!

Life Lessons

My Christmas Story…..

I decided to start getting in the Christmas spirit earlier this year due to the fact that this year has been such a hellacious one and I want to enjoy every joyous moment that I can.  I haven’t even thought about buying gifts or what I am going to fix for Christmas, all I know is that I am blessed beyond measure and it’s  only by God’s grace (unmerited favor) that I am here. We had a beautiful potluck and fellowship here at work tonight and to keep up the morale, I am playing Classical Piano Christmas music from my phone.  The wallpaper on my phone also has a live fire/fireplace to watch while listening to the music.  It has been going for hours.  I had a moment a little while ago… Christmas morning, (when I was 11 years old), I woke up and ran downstairs to see what “Santa” brought me. Before I could get to the tree, I noticed a brand-new Kimball piano, pecan finish with a big red bow on it.  I had been taking piano lessons for a few months and I loved playing but didn’t have my own piano to practice. I didn’t know then but later I learned that it was a sacrifice for my parents to buy it for me.  They knew that I had a gift of playing and they wanted me to play. I played classical music for my recitals and at home.  Since dad was a pastor, he wanted me to play for the church.  I did NOT want to do that.  I felt comfortable playing for strangers because they wouldn’t judge me and laugh if I made a mistake (I thought).  Dad would call me out every now and then and tell me to play something and I wouldn’t put my heart into in. Not in a rebellious way, but, once again, I felt that I would be judged.  Dad sat me down one day and told me that God had given me a gift and that if I did not give Him the glory by giving it back that He would take my talent away.  I didn’t fully understand, but I learned the hard way.  I refused to play when asked one Sunday Service. Over time, I lost my gift.  I still have my piano and I haven’t touched it in years.  I keep it as a reminder that my parents loved me enough to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself and they saw something in me I couldn’t see. Also, when God gives you a gift or talent, we must magnify Him. 1 Peter 4:10,11

Imagine this....

Life through a picture…

Children will ask so many questions, and if you were like me, you may not have had a lot of answers. When I was a child, I could never imagine my parents being children. I would see pictures of them but I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that they were young once. When my children got to the age of asking questions about my experiences of growing up, I saw the looks they gave me that I gave my parents. Even now, my husband and I are always starting stories with “when I was little” or “back in the day”. You can show pictures, video, home movies or just be an awesome story teller but some things are just left for the imagination. 

I love vintage photos! I feel sometimes that I may have lived before this time because some of those photos are so surreal. One thing never changes and that is everyone will feel love and hurt. You can almost feel emotions through pictures. Pain, suffering, love and happiness! I found several photos that fills me with a wave of emotions. How did they make it? What was it like during their time? What did they do for fun? Did they suffer…succeed? Did they endure racial divide in their community and how did they deal with it..if at all?  See if any questions come to your mind while traveling back in time with me, through them.

funny experiences in my life · What would you do?

What would you do? #1



There was a TV game show that came out in the 90’s called “Supermarket Sweep”.  My children were babies then, but they loved to sit in front of that television and watch this show! As they grew older, they would still watch it, right down to the re-runs.  I would watch it occasionally but never grasped on the show, but I always wondered…”What would I do if I won a supermarket shopping spree?”  I remember in my younger days, grocery stores had shopping spree’s and giveaway’s all of the time, like if you were the “1millioneth customer”.  The thought of winning would always excite me and disappoint me if balloons and fanfare never came when I walked through the doors.

Let me set the stage….

You walk into your local grocery store or mega, super-grocery store.  Bells and whistles go off and you are greeted by store management, TV crew and flashing lights and it is announced that you are the winner of a shopping spree!!!  Now that you have composed yourself, here are the rules set before you.  After getting your shopping cart, you have 2 minutes to start piling it on and make it to the checkout.  You can’t exceed $100 or you lose everything.  “What is the first thing you put in your cart……the last thing?”

Ready…?  Set…?  Go…..!!!!