Life Lessons

My Christmas Story…..

I decided to start getting in the Christmas spirit earlier this year due to the fact that this year has been such a hellacious one and I want to enjoy every joyous moment that I can.  I haven’t even thought about buying gifts or what I am going to fix for Christmas, all I know is that I am blessed beyond measure and it’s  only by God’s grace (unmerited favor) that I am here. We had a beautiful potluck and fellowship here at work tonight and to keep up the morale, I am playing Classical Piano Christmas music from my phone.  The wallpaper on my phone also has a live fire/fireplace to watch while listening to the music.  It has been going for hours.  I had a moment a little while ago… Christmas morning, (when I was 11 years old), I woke up and ran downstairs to see what “Santa” brought me. Before I could get to the tree, I noticed a brand-new Kimball piano, pecan finish with a big red bow on it.  I had been taking piano lessons for a few months and I loved playing but didn’t have my own piano to practice. I didn’t know then but later I learned that it was a sacrifice for my parents to buy it for me.  They knew that I had a gift of playing and they wanted me to play. I played classical music for my recitals and at home.  Since dad was a pastor, he wanted me to play for the church.  I did NOT want to do that.  I felt comfortable playing for strangers because they wouldn’t judge me and laugh if I made a mistake (I thought).  Dad would call me out every now and then and tell me to play something and I wouldn’t put my heart into in. Not in a rebellious way, but, once again, I felt that I would be judged.  Dad sat me down one day and told me that God had given me a gift and that if I did not give Him the glory by giving it back that He would take my talent away.  I didn’t fully understand, but I learned the hard way.  I refused to play when asked one Sunday Service. Over time, I lost my gift.  I still have my piano and I haven’t touched it in years.  I keep it as a reminder that my parents loved me enough to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself and they saw something in me I couldn’t see. Also, when God gives you a gift or talent, we must magnify Him. 1 Peter 4:10,11


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