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What would you do? #1



There was a TV game show that came out in the 90’s called “Supermarket Sweep”.  My children were babies then, but they loved to sit in front of that television and watch this show! As they grew older, they would still watch it, right down to the re-runs.  I would watch it occasionally but never grasped on the show, but I always wondered…”What would I do if I won a supermarket shopping spree?”  I remember in my younger days, grocery stores had shopping spree’s and giveaway’s all of the time, like if you were the “1millioneth customer”.  The thought of winning would always excite me and disappoint me if balloons and fanfare never came when I walked through the doors.

Let me set the stage….

You walk into your local grocery store or mega, super-grocery store.  Bells and whistles go off and you are greeted by store management, TV crew and flashing lights and it is announced that you are the winner of a shopping spree!!!  Now that you have composed yourself, here are the rules set before you.  After getting your shopping cart, you have 2 minutes to start piling it on and make it to the checkout.  You can’t exceed $100 or you lose everything.  “What is the first thing you put in your cart……the last thing?”

Ready…?  Set…?  Go…..!!!!


4 thoughts on “What would you do? #1

  1. Ahh I remember that show! I used to love it! Maybe I liked it a little too much because I spent 6 years working at a supermarket lol

    The first thing I would put in the carriage is probably some juicy steak. And the last thing I would put in there is … clothing. Some supermarkets, like Walmart, have jeans & shirts – so I would then throw some jeans in there. I would opt for clothes instead of food because they last longer!

    What would you do?!

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    1. That is so funny that you said steaks because that is what I’d get first too, lol. I am definitely a carnivore. I love my vegetables but veggies would spoil quickly if I stocked up on them! Clothing…for sure. It’s cool just to imagine “what if’s” sometimes.

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