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“My momma told me, to tell YOU….”




Kevin Hart, comedian, actor and straight up FOOL has a stand up where he talks about him getting in trouble in school when he was younger.  The story goes on to where the teacher sends a note home to Kevin’s mother that has been stapled to his chest.  He arrives home and his mother reads the note.  I won’t give too many details because it is much funnier if you watch the stand-up to get the full effect. It is hilarious and you will be in tears from laughing!  Kevin’s mother instructed him to deliver a message back to the teacher.  The outcome, however,  was not what she had in mind.



My mother was a beautiful woman, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  She passed away 18 years ago. I wished that I could have kept her wisdom and understanding forever, but I know that God had better plans for her.  She always had an answer for every question and a solution for whatever problem I faced.  She believed in home remedies and I can count the times that I went to the doctor because we had everything at home that was needed to “cure me”.  I trusted her, I mean, she was mom.  I never had any doubt or questions about her ability in raising me because she “knew everything”.  I had the normal childhood sicknesses, chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc…but the one’s I couldn’t really shake were the cough and cold symptoms.  We had Nyquil and some aspirin laying around, but mom had her own remedy for these certain ailments.  There was an unmarked jar with liquid that was kept in the refrigerator.  Whenever I had a cough, out came that jar and I got a huge spoon of that to stop my coughing.  I never asked her what is was, because every time I took it, it worked.  On a flight going to Washington D.C. to visit my brother, mom and I traveled alone and I developed another horrible cough with chest congestion.  We got to my brother’s house and mom asked him if he had any Vick’s Vapor Rub. He went to his medicine cabinet and brought it out for her. I’m thinking to myself, “Dang, we just got here and I am going to be walking around smelling like this stuff.”  That’s not what she had in mind.  She asked my brother to get her a spoon. Now, I am about 15 years old, a little older, not wiser, but maybe inquisitive at this point.  This was the first time I ever looked at my mom with thoughts that maybe this time, she may not be right if she is about to do what I think she is going to do.  She summoned me over to her and she scooped out a huge dollop of this Vick’s into the spoon.  She said, “Now open up.” Uhm, wait..what?! I resisted and began to question her for the first time thinking “what the hell” but saying “Mom, I don’t think this is for internal use.”  I took this little blue container from her and read to her “for external use only”.  She begins to tell me that she didn’t care what it said and if I wanted to be locked up in the house for the rest of our vacation coughing, then so be it.  It really didn’t sound like that bad of an idea, better than swallowing “poison” I’d say.  After about an hour or so of being told that my cough would be productive and I would be ok to go sight seeing, I was finally convinced by her and my  brother to swallow this glob of vapor rub.

Well, my cough subsided and it was VERY productive.  Once again, mom was right but that was advice from what seemed a hundred years ago.  She was from the Old School way of teaching and learning.  She sent many messages to my teachers through me, some worked without repercussions, some didn’t, but I trusted her judgment knowing that she had my back no matter what…as long as I was right. My children must have been born with the “Don’t fall for it gene” because none of the advice and remedies my mother offered to me was going to happen with them.  They were not inquisitive, but head strong and wise.  I too, have sent messages to their teachers through them and the outcome did not go well but we survived! Although I offer sound advice to them on many other subjects, I can honestly say that one day, they will be able to carry the family tradition and share moments of “things my momma would say”.

(PLEASE, do not consume anything internally that says for external use only!!!) 


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