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I usually cook my traditional dinner on Sunday but last night I stepped out of the norm and made my “famous” Lasagna! Nothing truly special about it, nothing magical, just a huge pan of meaty, cheesy, hearty goodness! Anyone that knows me will tell you that I don’t stay in the kitchen for long. Yes, I love to cook and eat but I don’t take forever trying to get food to the table. I guess that comes from when my children were babies and I needed to hurr-up and get it done or it would be hours later before I could get back to it. I also believe in knowing what you are going to do ahead of time and that takes a lot of guess-work out of the preparation. My cousin Alan (hubby’s cousin but we are all family after 26 years) comes to visit and it is a given that I must make my lasagna for him. Whenever he finishes eating, he always says, “Cuz, you must be part Italian (but it sounds like eye-tal-yun).” I get in the kitchen, get it started and from start to finish, stove to the table, it takes about an hour…tops. I always like to add that you can tweak the recipe to your liking, remove or add ingredients, have fun in the kitchen, just don’t take all day! MANGIA!!

Brown your ground beef and add seasonings at this point. Onces drained, add your pasta sauce. Start layering y’all!!

I used a tiny can of plain ol’ tomato sauce, just to coat the pan.

Any kind of cheese will do for me! (This was just the start of a beautiful, cheesy relationship!!!)

Repeat from here to make at least 2 layers.

Cover and bake at 380° for 30 minutes.



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